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Bolphane® BY Introduction
Multipurpose polyolefin shrink film with high yield
Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths
1.BTT+125 – High Speed polyolefin shrink film
·Enhanced stiffness for high speed machine compatibility
·Instant sealing
·High shrink characteristics at low temperature
·Hot slip properties
·Excellent optics and appearance
·Ideally suited for applications where high speed packaging equipment is running.
·Exceptional shrink characteristics on irregular shaped items.
·Bolphane BTT+125 can be successfully used in applications ranging from multimedia to publishing items as well as office supplies.
Technical features
Roll length(m)Singlewound3500
Gloss at 20°114
Haze (%)3
Elongation at break (%)100110
Tensile strength (kg/cm²)11501100
Shrinkage (%)at 93°3038
 at 120°6667
LD: Longitudinal Direction TD: Transverse Direction
The technical features of the products are given in good faith. The final user has to check-up that they are suitable with all the applications. Unless previous warning, BOLLORE has the right to change at any time the definition and technical features of its products
Bolphane® BTT+125 exist in Singlewound (BTT+125-S) and in Centerfolded (BTT+125-C) version.  
2. BY – Multipurpose polyolefin shrink film with high yield
·Optimal performance and productivity with outstanding yield
·Low temperatures and less energy with high shrinkage
·Fast sealing and hot tack
·Hot slip properties after shrinkage
The unique technical properties of Bolphane® BY ensure excellent results, from manual to automatic high speed machines.
High shrink performance, good optics, outstanding machinability: Bolphane® BY stands for versatility and optimal performance on a wide variety of packaging systems.
Shrink profile
Compared to a standard polyolefin film, Bolphane® BY demonstrates higher shrink capability up to 20%.
Bolphane® BY exists in Singlewound (BY-S) or Centerfolded (BY-C). On request, options like non hot slip (BYN) or pre-perforation (BYH) are available.
Bolphane BY belongs to a new generation of High Yield Multi-layer films. It enables to work faster, especially on High speed machines.
High shrinkage at low temperatures.
Specially designed for odd and complicated shapes
Fits any kind of machine, enables to work faster with higher yield
High slip immediately after shrinkage
Food contact status
Bolphane® shrink films are made of ingredients complying with the current French and European regulations (Directive 2002/72/CE-Decree 92-631 du 08.07.92).They are free from chlorinated compounds and phthalates. They have also passed successfully the global migration tests according to the EC procedure.
BOLPHANE shrink films comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation 21CFR 177.1520-olefin polymer, allowing use for articles that contact food, except for articles used for packing or holding food during cooking.
Their heavy metals content is lower than 100 ppm.
Disposal consideration  
Options for disposal are recycling, incineration with energy recovery, and landfill. Treatment, storage, transportation, and disposal must be in accordance with applicable federal, state/provincial, and local regulations
Storage conditions
The maximum temperature recommended for long-term storage is 32℃,with 80% RH, up to one year
Technical features -1
Gloss at 20°118
Haze (%)2.53
Shrinkage (%)at 93°30
at 120°70
Seal strength (N/30 mm)    at 120°25273745
at 150°50607085
Water steam permeability
(g/m2/24hr at 35c-95%RH)24201612
Oxygen permeability(cm3/m2/24hr bar)1600013000100008000
Roll length (m)Singlewound BY-S3100267021401600
Centerfold BY-C155013351070800
Internal diameter (mm)76.2
External diameter (mm)245
Technical features  -2
Property Units Test Method Typical Values
Nominal ThicknessμmASTM D-37412151925
Coefficient of friction(Film on Film)
ASTM D18940.23
Haze%ASTM D1003-A333.43.4
Gloss at 20°
ASTM D2457114114114114
Free Shrink:
At 93℃
At 104℃
At 115℃
At 126℃%ASTM D2732 LD/TDLD    TD
67   70LD  TD
68  70LD  TD
65   71LD  TD
20   28
42   50
56   61
66   70
Shrink TensionKg/cm2NFT54-125 LD/TDLD  TD
26  27LD  TD
24  28LD  TD
24  31LD  TD
25  28
Stiffness ModulusMpaASTM D882 LD/TDLD   TD
550  600LD   TD
500  600LD   TD
550  600LD  TD
550  600
Elongation at break%ASTM D882 LD/TDLD   TD
101  109LD  TD
106 105LD   TD
118  102LD   TD
132 105
Tensile StrengthKg/cm2ASTM D882 LD/TDLD   TD
1200 1200LD   TD
1100 1100LD  TD
1000 1000LD  TD
1000 1000
Seal Strengthg/25mmInternal method1850236025503000
Tear propagationgASTM D19228.3142022
Impact Strength
mJInternal method7000
Water Vapor Transmission Rate(38℃ 100%RH)g/m2, 24hASTM E9635282420
Oxygen Transmission Rate(23℃ 0%RH)cm3/m2, 24hASRM D143412200980084006500
Carbon dioxide Transmission Rate(23℃ 0%RH)cm3/m2, 24hInternal method48000385003300026000
CALPACK™ cross-linked serials POF Shrink Film
CALPACK™ POF cross-lined serials shrink film is an all purpose centerfold heat shrink wrap, ideal for high speed machine as well as manual and semi-automatic machines.
CALPACK™ CP cross-linked POF shrink film serials is available on singlewounded and centerfolded both. Tubes, bags and sleeves are on request and printed is also available.
Our centerfold polyolefin shrink wrap is the most common thickness used and optimal for wrapping toys, games, packaged foods, electronics, etc.
CALPACK™ Polyolefin cross-lined shrink wrap Features include:
·Superior Gloss                              
·Protection from Tampering
·Low Haze                                        
·Packaging for Various Products
·Remarkable clarity                      
·FDA Approved
CALPACK™ POF cross-lined Shrink Film Technical parameters
     Method Typical Values
Minimum Use Temperature
Maximum Storage Temperature(2-yr max.)
Shrink Air Temperature(℃) 121℃-176℃121℃-176℃121-176℃
Instrumented Impact Strength(Ibs) D3763141923
Coefficient of Friction(film-to-film, kinetic) D18940.30.30.3
Water Vapor Transmission Rate(gms/100 sq. in./24hrs.)F12492.01.51.2
Oxygen Transmission Rate(cc/㎡/24hrs.) D3985900085007500
Tensile Strength(psi) D88218000/1900018000/1900018000/19000
Elongation at Break(%)D88290/12090/13090/140
Modulus of Elasticity(psi@22℃)D882(A)70000/7100070000/7100070000/71000
Tear Propagation(gms) D19383.5/3.54.0/5.25.3/6.9
Free Shrink(%) D2732
LD=Longitudinal Direction / TD=Transverse Direction
CALPACK™POF cross-lined Shrink Film Applications
A type of shrink wrap has become the preferred choice for packaging products both edible and non-edible.
Applications include: toys, sporting goods, foods, cosmetic, and electronics, etc.
CALPACK™ Polyolefin cross-lined Shrink wraps Advantages
·Fewer odors when sealed,
·Stronger seal
·More flexible storage
·Do not have any chlorine
·Do not produce hydrogen chloride gas.
·Do not have any plasticizers,
·Can be stored in a wide range of temperatures and does not harden and soften in different environments.
·Stronger tensile and elongation strength for package duration
·High shrinkage rate at middle temperature
·Stiffness and tenacity provide better protection
CALPACK™POF cross-lined Shrink Film Description
CALPACK™ CP cross-linked POF shrink film serials is the high tech cross-linked co-extrusion film for more purposes.
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